Hide number for outcoming calls


I tryed to hide my number when calling but it doesn’t work. I have a samsung S8 preinstalled by /e/. I updated to the latest version 0.11.

I try to modify the parameters in the phone/Parameters/Calls/Other Parameters/Number. It shows 3 option but cliking on one does not change the setting.

I would also add a new feature request : would it be possible to hide the number only for calls that are not in the contact list ?


Fabien Renouard

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As a workaround, ask your network provider for the pre-dial code.
It’s often something like #31#, *67, …

Thank you for your answer. I already use the single number but you have to be coutious not to forget it all the time. A more systematic parameter is better. And this parameter already exists. It would be nice if it worked.

Try “GSM Call Settings” :wink: