Highly Alarming Activity - /e/ Drive Uploading Data Somewhere According to my Network's Activity, but E cloud doesn't show anything

Hi there,

I’ve just installed E/ OS onto my Samsung Galaxy S9 just a few hrs ago, but I’ve found something very unusual happen to do with the E /Drive app seemingly using lots of network data according to my app data usage meter - so far it has used 1.95GB on my wifi connection and 2.65GB on my mobile data connection these last few hours prior to me shutting off network access in settings for /e/ Drive after noticing this .I have attached screenshots to this post to confirm. I first noticed this activity when I got an alert saying I had used 2GB of my mobile data which was what prompted me to look into what activity was using so much data on my phone.

At first thought the e cloud is syncing my newly transferred photos and documents (about 6GB worth) following the new e os install I’ve done - as I read some others here saying that is a usual thing E OS via E/ Cloud does - but when I log into my newly created E Cloud account which was created when I set up /E/ OS on my phone at https://ecloud.global/ where I assume that data would have been stored/synced - it just shows that there is only 10Kb of 1GB on the e cloud account currently so it doesn’t seem to be there ( visible in the screenshots link below).

This has raised alarm bells to me wondering where was this data being uploaded to, and what data is it exactly that is being uploaded via /e/Drive. If the transferred data from my backup is being uploaded to the E Cloud or /E/ Drive - which app data usage and network activity certainly suggests - where exactly is it going to? Where is it - presuming it is, and why is it uploading well over 3GB of data if the default amount for a free unpaid E cloud account is 1GB? In addition, as soon as I toggled off network access for the /e/ Drive app, straight away there was no longer any highly intensive uploading happening on my network traffic monitor confirming /e/ Drive was the suspect of the uploads.

I hope someone here can ease my concerns as to what exactly is going on as I’m quite baffled with this very odd uploading activity coming from the /e/ Drive app.

My Device information I have posted below - and I have also linked screenshots indicating the app data usage on both Wifi and Mobile Data as well as network upload activity and usage amount through E Cloud. Screenshots are visible through this Imgur post - Data/Upload Activity of /E/ Drive - Album on Imgur

Device Information:
Samsung S9 (SM-G960F)

/e/ OS Version:

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Exactly the same problem here.

Device information:
Samsung S9 (SM-G960F)

/e/ OS Version:

The new information I can give you is that the problem started to appear since the last OS V0.22 update I installed on February 23.

Before that, the data consumption was normal.

Hi There
I had the same issue: my mobile went from a 1-2 Go ish of monthly mobile data to 75 Go !!!
The problem happens just after I updated the e/OS/ version from the version of Nov’21 to the one of March’22 (sorry, I do not know which were the version number at those dates).

I only found 2 other threads (Over (mobile) data consumption, Mobile data consumption surged today for no (?) reason 😳) mentioning this same issue, but they have been closed yesterday without resolution/explanation.
@Manoj manoj, do you have more information on this bug?

Is this the issue you are facing?

Thank for the quick answer.
It does not seem to be the same issue.
The issue we are facing (me, but apparently also the writers/commenters of this thread and of the 2 threads I mentioned above) is a troubling over-activity in terms of data upload from “/e/ drive”.
In my case, I suddenly start having around 75 Go of monthly data mobile usage from the “/e/ drive” app, while I did not configure any synchronization with /e/ drive, an my /e/drive storage is indeed empty.
So, why and where are those 75 Go of downloads coming from / uploads going to ?!

The threads you mention were 3 years old and were closed.
You can raise an issue on Gitlab and share details with the developers, who will get in touch with you in case more details are required. If you face any issues while creating the issue on gitlab check this guide. Pl note you can mark your issue as confidential on gitlab in case you are sharing any personal info or logs in it.

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