Home Screen - remove Weather

Please tell me how to remove the Weather and App Suggestions boxes from the home screen.

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Ok, the question is not clear, so I will try to box it.

You mean, the Weather widget part of the home screen, if you flip to the left??

That is part of the default “home” launcher named Bliss.

If so, the following applies:

That cannot be removed. Bliss does not currently offer that flexibility. I don’t want to bash or pile on, but yeah it’s not ideal.
I also REALLY wanted to add my OWN widgets, a different weather widget and remove the search and last apps used. Those are all locked in place, and cannot be removed.

I ended up just ditching Bliss as my home launcher, and went with Open Launcher. It’s different, took me 5 minutes to get used to it, but it allowed me to pick my own widgets so it was worth it to me.

I don’t know much yet about /e/, but I know the above, because it bugged me quite a bit as well.

Thank you drexel.spivey - I have just started using /e/OS and there is much to learn.
I have installed OpenLauncher and am (so far) very pleased with the result.