How can I delete all contacts at once? Contact groups missing in ecloud

accidentally I synced my contacts with ecloud. How can I delete all contacts in ecloud at once? I only found a delete button for every single contact. That’s a bit uncomfortable for 200+ contacts.

I noticed that contacts groups did not arrive in ecloud. Is that intentionally or a bug?

You can do the following

  • Take a backup of your existing contacts first
Settings >> Current Address book >> Click on three dots menu >> Download
  • Create a new address book
Settings >> Address Book Name ( type a name for the new address book ) >> Click on the arrow 

This will create a new Address book

  • Now you will get an option to delete previous address book

NextCloud / eCloud needs at least one address book to be present .

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I don’t find anything for the address book in the settings.

Hi Bege,

When I had to do something similar I did the following. Keep in mind that I had a copy of the address book that I wanted stored on the sim as back up.

If you go into the ‘settings’ app, scroll down to ‘accounts’ and select ‘contacts’ you will get to your sync address book.

Then I tapped on ‘account settings’ and this showed my account. Tap on that and on the next screen I clicked on the three dots to the right of ‘Contacts.’ Finally I choose the option '‘Delete collection’ and tapped the box needed for the ‘ok’ button to become active.

I hope that’s what you are looking for and as mentioned have a back up to hand just in case.


When you access your contact tab you should see this under settings

When you scroll down on the left side , tap the gear icon you should see this screen slide up

Screenshot from 2020-11-04 04-12-45

In the ‘Contacts’ is an address book the default
I can create a new one by typing a name in the Address book name box and click on the arrow to save it

Thank you to both of you. :+1: Because I wanted to remove the contacts from the cloud I was looking in the web interface. I did not realize you meant the settings on the phone.

how did you synced your contacts ?
and where from.are they from the sim card ?

I don’t understand what this information is necessary for, the issue is solved.

because i have some contacys on my Sim and other in ecloud.
I was wondering if you managed to sync your Sim contacts with ecloud contacts.
i would like to do it.

No, contacts where not on the SIM card.
Please, open an own topic with your issue.