How can I install Banking apps without having to code or sign up in the Google Store?

Could please someone explain for me (a non-techee) how I can install Banking-apps (especially from the german Comdirect bank) on a GS290, whithout having to sign up into the Google store or having to code a lot?

It would be really helpful for me to know!! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @hannes1 welcome to the forum, great first question. My answer would be to write to your bank. Perhaps we should get together a write a draft for others

I do not want to trust Google to assert that their system is secure, which it blatantly is not. A financial transaction requires the account holder’s mark on the document. Does not happen with a Google app. Their identification is circumstantial.

An HTML page with exchange of token would probably be quite a fiddle, but it could potentially allow a secure transaction. Perhaps.

Download Aurora Store a google Playstore client, via the eOS appstore or Fdroid (Aurora’s current version is 4.0.7) Aurora Store | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
log in anonymously, alternatively you can also log in with a google account, but this only makes sense if you have purchased apps there.
Then you can download the banking app. Updates will also come from there.
Important, don’t update the “microG Services Core” and put it on the block list, because they are updated exclusively with the eOS system updates.

only MagicEarth ( the /e/Maps ) and apps added from AuroraStore by the user must be unselected in the Aurora BlackList,
all others native and open source apps added from F-droid by the user must be selected in the Aurora BlackList to not be updated.