How can I reveal invisible apps as there is no apps drawer on /e/?

This is solved now apart from the libreoffice part, see below. (Alx)

I am using the Athene Nougat /e/ and have lost two default apps!

I combined two default apps into a group and accidentally deleted the group. The apps have both gone! On other androids there is an app drawer from where you may recover missing or hidden apps: where is this in /e/?


Hi @Alx you cannot delete system apps. This could be an issue with the launcher and was reported earlier as well. Have you tried looking in the Settings >> Apps & notifications >> see all apps. The apps should still be there. Try restarting the phone. The subsequent OTA updates should get you the icon. Reopen the bug if the icons are still not showing up.

Super quick reply. There is one more… It looks as if Libreoffice viewer is installed as word and excel files call this from the file manager, but the app is invisible. How can I make it visible like other apps?

I will see if I can find the apps as you have kindly suggested.

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Please can you mention which are the apps that are deleted / not showing up.

try wipe davlik and cache (but no more) via TWRP and flash e again over your running system. It could be, that will refresh your apps and you will see all again.

Any thought on making libreoffice appear?

The missing apps reappeared when I tried to move another icon (refresh problem?). Their invisibility had survived an android restart. They were music and recorder (thanks Harvey for your thoughts on this).

I did find a bug that won’t reproduce now in Bliss. After renaming a folder with it open I pressed previous/back/triangle and all Bliss icons disappeared. I think Bliss was running as it did not prompt for a restart. The bug has (alas) evaporated now.