How can I set up my murena one with my own account and cloud

I want to use my new murena one phone with my own account and cloud (infomaniak), rather than the murena one account. The FAQ says it’s possible. How can I do this? The error message I get is it can not find the CalDAV or CardDAV.

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Hi, not sure what your exact problem is or where you get this error message respectively… but you should find a system-integrated “copy” of the DAVx5 app under “system settings” → “accounts” → “add account” → “webDAV”. There you should be able to define your CalDAV and CardDAV account credentials for syncing with the integrated calendar app and contacts app of your /e/OS.

Thanks Obacht for getting back to me. This did not work. I now used an external app (ksync) from my provider to sync cal and contacts, and it worked.

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Glad you solved it!

That’s interesting, from what I understand your app and the one integrated in the system are both based on the same app (davdroid aka davx5)… so I assume your provider tweaked it to better fit his needs.

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