How digital markets act can help /e/OS foundation?

I am curios to know the opinion of /e/ team about what they think DMA will help to push this project out of the shadow of GAFAM.

IMHO the usual antitrust law was enaught to punish some company for the deliberaty and unjustified locking of ther device in order to make impossible or very boring to root or to change the firmware.

At the moment I tried a lot of brand and seems that only Pixel phone ere easy to use with different distribution of Android and DMA as the aim to punish Google for its dominant position on the Android ecosystem.

Do you think that this can help this project ?

Are you intenioned to be in conctat with DMA’s team ( [Thierry Breton]( and the other members ) to ask a fast ban on the too locked device at least in the EU border ?

Are you ready to scale up your business to became one of the first EU mobile OS distributor ?

Take also in cosndieration that you may be one of the few compliant to GDPR and “right to repair” friendly developer.

Have you also some contact with the in order to ask that the phone with easy installer get a better score ?

just a citizen bored by gafam’s business :wink:

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