How do I update Magic Earth and /e/OS?

Hi everybody,

I read various posts on my issue, but could not really find a satisfying solution, so I open a new thread and hope someone can help:

I purchased a FP 3 with /e/ preinstalled a couple of weeks ago, but I realized I can’t use Magic Earth maps app. I always receive this notification:

“This app version is not compatible with the latest maps. Please install the latest app version to make sure that you can use the latest maps.”

I tried to update Magic Earth via Aurora store, but nothing happened when I clicked on the “Aktulisieren” button.

Than I tried another recommendation: updating /e/OS, but there are different updates offered to download, and I did not know whether I have to download only the most recent one or both or none? So far I opted for “none” since I did not want to mess anything up…

Actually, I am not used to update the OS manually, With my former FP 2 and the regular Android, I would receive a notification by Fairphone updater whenever I was supposed to install an update. How does this work with /e/?

Can anybody help me with my questions?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day!


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