How do I use the backup codes?

I am unable to figure out how to use the backup codes, I have generated 10 and used 0. Do I enter them instead of the password when signing in at /e/?


The backup codes I am referring to are the ones managed under the Two-Factor Authentication heading in the ecloud security settings. I do apologize for being unclear in my question!

You have to write down those 10 words (Seedvault).
You will need them if you want to restore your system.

I have the codes written down and available.

How do I use them? Do I enter them in the password box when signing in to my ecloud account in case I forget my password or my TOTP app fails?

No, it’s not related to /e/ cloud services.
It’s a LineageOS feature enabling to backup your apps and settings on an external drive (or cloud).
Then, when you want to restore your system, you will have to choose the location where your backup is stored, and validate with the 10 words to start the data recovery.

Why, then, are they managed under the Two-Factor Authentication heading in the ecloud security settings?

the backup codes are fallback to the 2FA App
If do not have your 2FA App available or not synced, you can use backup codes to login

OK we’re not talking about the SeedVault backup codes - my mistake

You can check Github information here: GitHub - seedvault-app/seedvault: A backup application for the Android Open Source Project.

Also a guide here:

I figured it out:

  1. Generate backup codes and enable TOTP in the security settings.

  2. At the login page enter your email address and your password.

  3. When asked for the TOTP code click the ‘Use backup code’ link.

  1. On the following page enter an unused backup code.

Thanks everyone for helping out!

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