How do sync back ALL my files from cloud to my phone?

I had went to test a custom ROM of Android (9) Pie, it worked great :+1:, but I missed the security updates and privacy of e/. I wiped my phone and reinstalled e/ Nougat for Motorola Moto G4 - athene. When I went to sync, only some of my files went back to my phone. How do I get the other files in the cloud, back onto my phone? Thanks.

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*Update: Solved. I logged into my account via the browser and manually downloaded the missing files (zip). :man_shrugging:

that is not optimal :frowning:
did the “cloud save” automatically installed back your applications/parameters?

First, I like to thank you kindly for your concern and interest. Much appreciated. :smile:

True this is not optimal. Do you have a fix?

As far as the apps, once i re-installed the e OS, NONE of my previous installed apps reinstalled. My contacts, only SOME of them installed back. That is all for now.

I think you should raise an issue on /e/'s gitlab

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Thanks for your advice. The issued is now raised, on gitlab. :sunglasses:

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