How to add an app in App Lounge?

I’d like to download an e-banking app - but it’s not in App Lounge. What can I do to get it there?
It’s about swiss “Twint”-App: There are different Twint-Apps, but not for Postfinance which I need.

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Is this the app you’re looking for?

then search for in the App Lounge.

Exactely, but without google-Account

Thank you, there it is! But why not when searching “postfinance”/“twint postfinance” “twint”?

You get a different result?

Since I travel a lot lot in Germany with dualsim (Dutch and German, but internet always German sim), I noticed, that in Germany when I search for specific Dutch apps: they are not there, or not to be downloaded. When I get back home (Netherlands) and connect to wifi, they are miraculously back. So far for geofencing.

I had different twint-apps from/for other swiss banks, but not the one I was looking for. As Infinity wrote: I use dualsim, it might be a geofencing issue.
Thanks for your help, problem solved.

But the general question: What can I do if an app is not in the App Lounge? Is there a possibility to request it?

All apps should be available in the App Lounge. Some are just not visible due to geoblocking.

As it is (atleast was before I switched to e) on the play store