How to automate installation on devices?

Hello /e/community,

My name is Fouzi, I’m currently in sandwich course in Ekimia, which provide computers and IT solutions.

If I write you today, is because I want to know how to automate installation of the eOS on multiple devices ?

Thank’s for your reading

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If it is all the same model, you could use the TWRP backup-restore feature to clone a performed installation ( /boot, /recovery, /system & /data = system + installed apps and settings )


We have Try the Easy Installer beta With some practice you could probably automate at 1 an hour! You could check the details of the project here e / tools / Easy Installer · GitLab.

Some variation on cloning would be best for automation, but as @piero said your flashing tools would need to be made one for every device.

iPhone get automation. They just make the same phone over and over and put a new label on it each year. For a Production Engineer that is true automation.