How to automatically turn on battery saving at night

On my Jolla phone I used to have an app where I set it that it during the night it:

  • switched off WiFi and syncing
  • switched GSM to 2G
  • turned off notifications (i.e. do not distrub mode on)
  • switched power/battery mode to the most extreme saving

…and in the morning it reverted these settings to what they were before.

I really liked that and am looking for something similar on /e/OS. Help and suggestions most welcome!

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Hi. What about Setting/System/System profiles? Seems to me something similar what you’re asking. Don’t it?

Yes, that would work. Just I would need to have it trigger at a certain time. I only see Wifi, BT and NFC as possible triggers there.

I also noticed that power/battery saving settings are missing in the profiles too.

I see. I think it’s possible to not set WiFi, BT… and then set on/off from the menu bar when you need.

But I’m with you: a time setting would be appreciate.

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There is Easer (User-defined explicit automation for Android)

…but it’s a bit over-complicated for just this use case.

I found another, which seems easier to use, but may be lacking some features: Automation (Automate stuff on your device by creating rules.)

As you, I would be super happy if system profiles just had a time trigger. It’s all I need.

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I tried Easer and these are my findings:

Worked fine:

  • ringer mode
  • volume
  • bluetooth on/off
  • wifi on

Did not trigger on /e/OS:

  • mobile data on/off
  • wifi off (may be PEBKAC)
  • account syncing on/off (I think)

Options that are missing in Easer:

  • power saving profile
  • nfc on/off
  • location on/off