How to delete my email address and create a new one

Hi, new guy here. Not happy with the email address I chose and want to change it before I use it too much. Can anyone tell me how to do it? Many thanks!

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Hi, To delete your current /e/ email ID use this guide
Ensure you have taken copies of any important emails you may have in that account.
You can create a new /e/ email ID as per the instructions given here

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Thank you kindly, I was able to delete my email but when I try to create a new one, I give my recovery email since the ,e account is deleted and they say Sorry, that email is already registered. Any ideas ??? Thanks again so much!

This should not happen once you have deleted your existing account. Pl send in a mail with the details to The team would be able to help you out.

Thank you again. I emailed the “Help Desk” several days ago but they haven’t responded. Any other tips? Thank again!

Pl can you DM me the support ticket ID. I can follow up with the team.

Sorry, but I’m not sure where to find the support ticket. I just sent them an email through the link in your last message. I was able to log into the email address I thought I had deleted and when I started to delete it again it said all my Contacts would be deleted and I wasn’t sure if I two lose the contacts on my phone so I stopped. Thanks so much.

In that case, do you remember which email ID you used to raise the issue. Pass that on to me and I can ask the support team to look into this.

Thanks again! I used to request the invitation and the email I created but want to delete is
I really appreciate your help.

I have passed on the details to a team member. It being the weekend, pl expect a slight delayed response.

I putted both email addresses to my spammer list. :wink:
you will get a nice amount of mails from now on :smiley:

You never publish mail addresses in cleartext and complete in forums…
modify them as xy[at] or whatever to myke it harder to detect them as mail addresses…

That is security basis

Hello Gordo,
I replied to your last email sent to the helpdesk.
To backup your contacts, logon to, then to Contacts. Click settings, then on 3 dots next to the contacts, then download.
After that please proceed with deleting your account, and creating a new one. If you are still not able to create an account, please reply to the email from the helpdesk.


Hi, Thank you so much. I’m not as worried about my contacts as just creating an email address. I deleted my old email address but now when I try to create a new one it says that email is already registered. Any idea what I can do?
Thanks again!

Let’s continue this conversation in private. You can reply to the email from the helpdesk.