How to disable notifications for an app?

Some apps are too chatty. I would like to deny them the ability to send notifications. How do I do it?

Sorry if this is a basic question.

Go to ‘settings’ / ‘Apps@Notifications’, there you can disable Notification for each app seperatly

Or long press on the unwanted notification, then the “i” or “More settings” button to be able to precisely choose your settings.

I get a lot of Calendar notifications, but they can’t be turned off, as in the toggle to do that doesn’t work at all. I tried the long press, and it just says ‘Alert Sync - these notifications cannot be modified’. No setting in the actual app itself seems to exist.

Quite a few app notifications cannot be disabled at all. This is on an Essential PH-1.

Yes it can’t be disabled, but (I’m on Pie) if you you to Settings > Apps & notifications > Calendar > Notifications, you can click on “Alert sync” and change the behavior of the notifications (“Show silently and minimize” will prevent any sound and icon in he status bar).