How to enable client side encyption?

I just bought 1T plan and now want to enable client side encryption for some folders as described here:

Is this possible with Do I have to ask an administrator to enable this for me?

I know there are some downsides, when I enable this (like that I may not share stuff). But my data is my data and I don’t want that anybody else could potentially decrypt may data…

Thanks, Best Flavio

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I quickly scanned the nextcloud guides to enable it and it seems this option is not available (or hidden) in the e-cloud settings. As e-cloud is “just” a nextcloud instance, it should be possible to activate this feature, but for that we propably need to contact support as in the guides it is spoken of a setting inside an admin account. As for now e-cloud is secured by HTTPS and server side encryption which we need to trust.

But this is a neat feature I didn’t know until now. I’d definitly want that too.

I have an answer from the support I would like to share:

Hello there,

thanks for getting in touch.

We have end-to-end encryption on our roadmap for this year to meet what you are looking for.

We have checked the Nextcloud app that enables this on Nextcloud but haven’t been impressed so far and the reviews are awful for now. It seems that this app isn’t ready for prime time yet.

We are looking for other solutions to enable this in ecloud.

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A year has passed since I checked on the server side encryption and it seems there was some positive development.

The settings page suggests, that even the administrators cannot access user data. It links to this page as an explanation.

Not being able to access user’s data, I guess eCloud is using a per-user encryption key, is that correct?