How to keep the phone alive?

Every time my fairphone 3 switches off the display it loses all connections and therefore all apps are offline, like the Linphone and Signal. When I activate the phone display I see how those apps try to establish a connection to come online again. I would like to stay online even when the screen is off. How? Thanks

You may try to play with battery optimization settings for the apps, in the Settings/Apps (click on Battery in each app settings).

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I switched battery optimization off. Will see if that solves the problem. Thanks for the hint.

Additionally make sure the battery saver isn’t activated and Settings - Battery - Battery saver and performance - Performance profile isn’t set to Power save.

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That one too?!
Ok, I changed the profile from “Efficiency” to “Quick”. Thanks again!

“Efficiency” should be fine, I think, but let’s just see for testing whether something changes now regarding the issue.