How to login on Gitlab efoundation instance....(non-noob)

Hi, this might sound like a noob question.
But just up front I’m using official github, official gitlab, I’m hosting my own gitlab instance at home, and using a private at work but for whatever reason I can not login to the e foundation gitlab server…so basically im used to any git repo mechanic.
I cant create a login profile with any email domains im using it is said to be blocked …and the login of this forum does also not work. My emails are not registered because pw reset does also not work …what is going on there? Do I miss something ?

I have used this testing category because I want to report an issue

I have a /e/ GitLab working login using my address.
User database is not shared with the forum, so you’ll have to register separately.


thx might be the clue thx

edit…yes now with the it works thankyou!

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Just out of curiosity. What email accounts/domainsare blocked for sign-up?, tried even my old googlemail address just to check if it is a general issue.