How to reset 'Recently opened apps list' showing negative times?

I have a Fairphone 3+ running v1.5R stable.

If I remove the phone’s battery (eg to access the SD card) the phone’s time is initially incorrect when I turn it back on.

The list of ‘Recently opened apps’ shown at the top of the ‘Apps and notifications’ screen in Settings then shows 3 apps with times of about -149,000 mins ago. When I open these apps the list is replaced with another three apps with similar times. The only way I can clear this is to repeatedly open the apps as they appear in the list, which means opening pretty much every installed app.

This hasn’t happened in the past so may be related to the v1.5 / r upgrade.

Anybody know if there’s a way to clear / reset the list of ‘Recently opened apps’ to avoid having to open every one?

Not a huge issue but annoying when it happens.

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Screenshot added here to illustrate the issue.

I’ve left just one app with the large negative time, having cleared 90 from the list by opening each of them in turn.

Is there an easier way of resetting this list?

So, 24 hours or so after this happened the last app with a negative number that I’d left in the list, shown in the screenshot above, has disappeared from the list.

Some sort of automatic clean-up?

Would be good to understand this.

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