How To Restore your Privacy (Useful Links)

Hi everybody !

Looking for alternatives, tools and privacy guides which would fit perfectly with /e/ (and others) ? You should definitely take a look at the following links :slight_smile:

Website :

FramaSoft : French enterprise offering a lot of free and open-sources services, you MUST take a look.

AlternativeTo : find an alternative with filters like open-source or not, iOS/Android/Windows/Linux, etc.

Privacy Tools : “provides knowledge and tools to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance”.

Restore Privacy : if you’re looking for alternatives and articles about privacy, VPN router, trackers, etc.

IVPN Privacy Guides : basic guides and a few advandced tutorials.

Single article :

What does the US government know about you ?
The Ultimate Online Privacy Guide
The ultimate Online Privacy Test Resource List
PrismBreak : big list of alternatives for all platforms

If you know other useful links, please share them below :wink:


Add a link for PRISM project.

This one to start with but try several others, this is very creepy and needs more attention

I just checked out Framasoft.
Amazing tool!!!
I love them.

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See also a guide from Lifehacker, the site of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, data detox stuff: