How to select which apps data to be in the cloud?


I would like to know how to select which of the Apps’ data I want to be uploaded in the cloud, and which of the Apps’ data I want to keep only in the phone.

I’m using an FP4.

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Hi Natha13,

You could try this:

Settings → Accounts → → Account synchronization

Ok, thanks for the tip. The thing is, I went there (in the phone settings as you explained), I was first happy to have a solution, but in the list of what you can choose to synchronize or not, Music, and Podcast don’t appear, and they are the one I want to have only on the phone. They take a lot of space in the cloud, and I don’t need it in the cloud. How can I do?

If I suppress a folder or its content on the cloud, will it suppress it on my phone too?

You can’t do it yet natively. You’d need to install the 3rd party nextcloud sync client to control the granularity. Issue is on record though at

Thanks! Finally I just suppressed on the website the music I didn’t want in the cloud (that is all the music except for the sound recordings) and the music suppressed on the cloud stayed on my phone. Hoping that it will last this way…

So the Gitlab is the place to make suggestions?

Yep :slight_smile: and report issues

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In any section in particular?

All issues on Gitlab are raised here
If you are facing an issue raising the issue, refer this guide

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