How to set Calendar app to sync with my NextCloud?

Hey, I am self-hosting NextCloud (as I don’t trust the e/OS admins having access to my ecloud data regardless of their good intentions). I’ve successfully setup the Contacts app in /e/OS to sync with my NextCloud Contacts, but I’m running into trouble getting the same thing to happen with the Calendar app:

When I go to the Calendar app --> Settings --> Add remote calendar (CalDAV), it just launches the App Store, and shows the Accounts section (where I’m logged in as as I have the Aurora Store installed and used anonymously). I have no idea how to do from there - I can’t add my Nextcloud as another Account, as there’s no option to do that, and I obviously don’t want to log out of the Account, as that will mean that I can’t use the Aurora Store anymore.

…how can I set the Calendar app to sync with my NextCloud calendar in this instance?

The nextcloud app suggests to use DAVx5 for contact and calendar syncing.

Yeah, but how do I get that working with the stock /e/ Calendar app?

When you configure DAVx5 it will create new accounts in your system accounts (both for contacts and calendars). The stock /e/ Calendar app picks up entries from this account just fine.

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The link is broken! The link is broken.