How to sync /e/ contacts and agenda TO other devices?

My question is not how to migrate TO /e/

My question is how to use /e/ (Murena) cross-platform!!!

So my final goal is to de-google any device I own. Unfortunately I have multiple devices where no /e/ rom is available. Now that I’m migrating my contact and agenda (Google) to /e/, I need to be able to sync agenda and contacts to other Android-devices and preferably to Outlook (calendar, Office 365 - read only is fine).

How can I do this? I can’t seem to find information, manuals or documents / settings. Pleasr advise.

On the other devices, install DAVx5 and ICSx5 from F-Droid. Then add a DAVx5 account using as the Base URL, your full address as the User Name, and your password. Your eCloud contacts and calendar should then be synched, and available to Calendar and Contacts apps on these devices.

No idea how to sync them to, or show them in Outlook - I use Thunderbird as my computer email client.

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