How to update to new version?

Hello alltogether, I got an e-os Fairphone about two years ago. I always wondered why my new phone is lagging in functionality and crashes quite often, apart from other bugs. Now a friend of mine got the same phone, also with e-os and his is working smoothly and has way more functions than mine. I wondered why and soon realized that his is working on a newer os-version than mine.

Mine is at version 0.23, his at 1.0. Mine is at Android 9, his at Android 10. I always thought the updater itself would be suffice, but the last update I got there is from April.

Can anybody help me how to update my phone?

Thank you!

Murena has recently stopped supporting Android 9.

They are planniing to make an OTA (through the Updater) upgrade available for the FP3 (although I am not sure if this would mean both the A9 to A10 and the A10 to A11 upgrade or only the latter), but there is no ETA (Estimated time of arrival) yet:

If you really cannot wait any longer now, you will need to install /e/OS A10 from scratch (i.e. all your data needs to be backed up because it will be deleted in the course of the upgrade) using your computer: Info about Fairphone FP3/3+ - FP3


Thank you for your answer! Is there a reason why I should wait for the OTA if I don’t know if it might even come in the first place?

The OTA upgrade is more convenient because your data and personal settings are supposed to be carried over to the new and higher Android version of /e/OS. Other than that, no reason. If the installation from scratch (it’s how I got /e/OS on my own FP3+ in the first place :slight_smile: ) doesn’t deter you, go fot it! :+1:

Well, there could be a second reason to wait. Right now there is only /e/OS Android 10 stable available for installation on the FP3 (or FP3+). There is an /e/OS Android 11 dev (developer) version available for FP3/FP3+ as well, but no stable version yet. So waiting for /e/OS Android 11 stable might be a consideration.


Again thanks for the useful tip! I asked @Manoj which update they are working on. Hope that I will get an answer.

The thing is that I currently can’t even update all Apps anymore. So come that the update is not suitable for me or comes in months, I will have no choice than to install from scratch.

I notice again that e-os is nothing for noobs like me :wink:

But at least it gets all the latest security updates. :slight_smile:
(My /e/Sony on Android 10 does.)

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That is my concern aswell!

I just came across your nicely explained post.

My situation is that I am currently stuck at Android 9 on my FP3.

I would like to know if there is a way for me to upgrade it without losing app information.

I have some banking security apps that are quite painful to configure again if I need to wipe my phone.
Also my OTPs

Any good idea on how can I proceed?


I cannot predict that.

From what I have been reading here and there in this forum, some users reported that they were able to upgrade their FP3 from Q (Android 10) to R (A11) or from Q to S (A12) through the /e/ recovery via sideload even with their bootloader remaining locked and while keeping their data. But I cannot recall any FP3 users reporting the same success starting at P (Android 9).

Any change of the FP3 bootloader status will wipe all personal data.


Thanks for the answer :confused: