How to wipe USB drive in Linux

Hi, I need to repurpose the usb drive that I used for installing e/os.

I have wiped one previously on a Windows pc, but I am at a Linux (Elementary os) laptop at the moment.

Any ideas?


Securely: Data Erasure - Divested Computing

Otherwise just format via GNOME Disks? Wipe everything off a removable disk

Gnome disks or Gparted are the easiest options. I don’t believe Elementary has Gnome Disks by default, so the link below should help you install it and has directions:

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Thanks for both replies.

What threw me with Gnome, was there is no icon in applications, you have to open it from terminal (in the instructions on the linked article)

Well, you find a nice GUI with Gparted:

BTW, formatting an USB-drive should work by right-clicking on it in the data-manager and selecting the appropriate.