How undo copy partitions?

I just installed /e/ a couple days ago and like it except that MMS doesn’t work because my APN settings aren’t right. Before I installed /e/ I made a nandroid backup where my MMS did work but I didn’t make a note of what those APN settings were. So I tried to restore that backup but it only gets half done before crashing (TWRP keeps resetting and I would think it’s because now I have a Slot A and Slot B so the partitions are smaller than the restore needs). I’m using a Sony Xperia XA2.

So how can I undo the copy partitions so I hopefully can restore my nandroid backup? I then want to re-install /e/ but update to Q.


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Why don’t looking for the APN setup on your provider web site ?

I did but they don’t fix my MMS problem. My provider sent them to the phone when stock but not now. I’m not sure why.


What I did was use FlashTool to flash a Sony stock ROM that was erroneously labeled as Android 9 but turned out to be Android 8. My cell phone provider was able to send the 2 APN settings which fixed MMS. I took screenshots, made a nandroid backup in TWRP and am now installing /e/ again. BTW, Sony did not erase my slot A and slot B areas but I’ll flash that copy-partitions file again.