[HOWTO] Disable sync of pictures



I just noticed that /e/ is syncing all the pictures I took on my /e/ mobile to ecloud.global.
How can I disable this (unwanted) feature?


settings > users&accounts > your_account@e.email > account sync > untick pictures&videos :slight_smile:


Sorry for my silly question. I am not used to sync settings :blush:. I never had any sync enabled in stock Android.


you’re very welcome :smiley:


In stock android with Google there’s a lot of items automatically set to sync (contacts, calendar, drive, keep, photos, docs, chrome, gmail, and more depending on the apps). Probably just never noticed maybe?


It took me a little while to figure out that /e/ is uploading pictures right away (own stupidity).
Sure, I could simply switch-off the uploading, but what I would appreciate much more: an option allowing to reduce communications between de device and /e/ cloud to a minimum as long as the phone is on a data connection. The syncing could happen once the device is (re)connected to wifi.
If you ask me, this would be even quite useful as part of /e/'s standard settings.


As a workaround you might consider to revoke mobile data access for /e/ drive service. So I think sync would only happen when connected to wifi.