[HOWTO] Easy Installer for Windows stuck after booting the Fairphone in fastboot mode

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Note: My Windows is in French so you will have to adapt just a little. Shouldn’t be too complicated thanks to the screenshots.

You may be stuck at the step below when you want to install /e/OS on your Fairphone using the Easy Installer for Windows.
You have started the Fairphone in fastboot mode, you see the green “START” but nothing happens. Follow this tutorial to solve the problem.
start fastboot instruction

EDIT: there is an easier solution:

  • Go to Windows settings, then in the Windows Update tab.
  • Click on refresh to search for updates. It might install the needed drivers.
  • If it doesn’t, you may see a “Optional updates” button (or simliar), click on it and click on the “drivers” part to display the list if installable drivers.
  • If you see “LeMobile - Other Hardware - Android Composite ADB Interface”, install it.
  • If it still doesn’t work, install another one from the list (such as “Google Inc. K??? Android Bootloader Interface” for instance) and see if it works.

If none of the drivers in the list works, you can try the following:

1) Download the necessary files

  • Let the Easy Installer open and the Fairphone plugged.

  • Download this ZIP file. It contains the necessary drivers.
    (Here is the source for interested people.)

  • In the “Downloads” folder, right-click on the “Samsung-WinAll-Classic-25_escape-drp.zip” file which has just been downloaded. Click “Extract All” and then “Extract”.

2) Go to the Device Manager

  • Right-click on the Start Menu (the Windows logo at the bottom left).
    Click “Device Manager”.

  • Grant administrator rights by clicking “Yes”.

  • You are now in the device manager.
    You should see a device named “Android”. This is your Fairphone.
    gestionnaire de peripherique

3) Install the missing driver

  • Right-click on “Android”, then click on “Update Driver”.
    mettre a jour le pilote

  • Choose “Browse my workstation to search for drivers”.
    parcourir poste travail

  • Click on “Choose from a list of drivers available on my computer”.
    Choisir parmis liste sur mon ordinateur

  • Scroll down and select “SAMSUNG Android Phone”. Click on “Next”.
    samsung android phone

  • Click on “Disk provided…”.
    (If in your case items are listed, skip the next 3 steps).
    rien dans la liste

  • Click on “Browse…”.
    choisir driver

  • A window opens. Go to the folder where you downloaded the driver in the first step. By default, click on “This PC”, then on “Downloads” and finally on “Samsung-WinAll-Classic-25_escape-drp”.
    Keep going until you see the file “ssudadb.inf”. Select it and click “Open”.

  • Click on “OK”.
    confirmation driver

  • Drivers are now listed. Select “SAMSUNG Android Bootloader Interface” and click “Next”.
    samsung android bootloader interface

  • A warning is displayed, click “Yes”.
    installation driver

  • The driver installs. A confirmation message is displayed. Click “Close”.
    driver installé

  • You now see that the Easy Installer has automatically moved to the next step, and that the display of the Fairphone has changed.



When I do that, I cannot find the “SAMSUNG Android Phone” on the list. Neither a “Android Device” like it’s said here… I tried with “Mobile devices” but when I validate the ssudadb.inf, I get a error message : “the folder you specified doesn’t contain a compatible software driver for your device”.
Do I need to do anything after extracting to create the Samsung category ?

By any chance, would you have an idea ? It’s blocking my easy-install ^^’

Hello, and welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

I have maybe another idea, that is easier.

Could you go to Windows settings, in the Windows update tab please ? Click on refresh to search for updates.

It will maybe install the needed drivers.

If it doesn’t, maybe you will see a “Optional updates” button (or simliar), click on it and click on the “drivers” part to display the list if installable drivers. You might see a “Google Inc. K??? Android Bootloader Interface” driver. Install it.

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With the Fairphone on Fastboot I searched for the updates and there was “LeMobile - Other Hardware - Android Composite ADB Interface” > I installed it and the installer continued !
/e/ is now installed, the adventure begins.

You, sir, are a great man. Et comme on dit chez nous : je t’en dois une. :wink:

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Thank you very much for this post - I was very grateful to find it as my Fairphone 2 is not restarting after trying to update the OS through the Fairphone Updater. I am now in fastboot mode, but Win 10 Home does not recognise my phone at all, which makes both backing up data and reinstalling the OS impossible.

I have tried following your instructions, but ‘SAMSUNG Android Bootloader Interface’ unfortunately is not one of the drivers shown as an option - I only have ‘SAMSUNG Mobile USB Connectivity Device’, ‘… Connectivity Device V2’, ‘… NCM Function Drivers’, ‘… RMNET Drivers’ and ‘SAMSUNG SDB Interface’. I have tried installing a few of them, but none lets me connect with my FP2.

I have tried downloading the Samsung Android USB drivers also from the official Samsung page, but again, the Samsung Android Bootloader Interface driver is not included/is not shown by my Windows.

Any suggestions?

UPDATE: We tried it on my husband’s computer, and the Samsung Android Bootloader Interface driver was shown and installable there from the package. Much appreciated!

Thank you very much,