[HOWTO] Install /e/ for my device

To install /e/ ROM for your device we have detailed explanations on our wiki.

  1. Check what your devicecode is
  2. Download the ROM for your device
  3. Browse to the section marked Install on the wiki page for your device
    for.e.g. if your device is the Essential Mata phone then you need to click on the
    Install /e/ on Essential Phone PH1 - “mata” link.
  4. This will bring you to the install page where you can find step by step information on how to install /e/ on your device. In this example the Install page for Essential Mata phone

Hi, @Manoj Looks like the link for “device code” is broken, it leds to this message: " Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."

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Thanks for pointing that out @graz… actually we had two pages with the same information and I had deleted one. The link was pointing to the deleted page :frowning:
Have corrected the error. Thanks.

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No problem! :slight_smile: thank you

Hi, I finally got a compatible device and some free time to try to flash /e/, and, as I’m a ‘dummie’ user, I needed quite some time to fully understand the “installation wiki”. I want to share some issues that I encounter during the process, in case other newbies find them useful:

  1. First of all, I must say that my compatible device is an old Nexus 5 that I got for free from a relative, so I was lucky and in that aspect I was quite relaxed in case I screwed up and “brick” the phone. I wanted to practice before I buy a compatible phone and flash /e/.

  2. I found that the installation instructions in the wiki and the [HOWTO]s in this forum don’t always coincide in the steps, which created a bit of confussion, specially at the beginning, while trying to install adb and fastboot (on Mac). I also found that neither of both explanations where fully for “dummies” (involving command lines and no explanations about them) and I needed to find some youtube videos in order to understand how the command line works and have a more visual aid to install adb and fastboot step by step (here and here)

  3. After installing adb and fastboot, I followed only the wiki’s instruction and this video in order to install TWRP

  4. After that everything went quite smoothly until the “ADB sideload” part. In fact, it went well, but for some reason in the computer the command line finished in % 49 and then said somethin like 1.00x (not “OK” or “100%”, which made me doubt about if the process was completed). Looking at the device, it said “ADB succesful”, so I went on with rebooting the device, but suddenly TWRP said “No OS installed. are you sure you want to reboot?” Of courese, I was totally confused. Was the installation succesful or not? Apparently I had no OS installed, so I was afraid that, if I rebooted the device, I would maybe “brick” it or something, and spent a good couple of hours reseraching about it :sweat_smile: I try several more times to sideload the OS, and everytime was the same message. At the end, I decided to reboot it and, ta-da, /e/ was succesfully installed from the very beggining! That’s why I wanted to share my experience: if you see “adb sideload completed” and “no OS is installed”, my experience says: go ahead and reboot, everything is OK.

I must say, despite the confussion, I’m very proud with my very first flashing experience, as /e/ looks great! There’s a couple of issues with the camera and the torch, but everything else works smoothly (in a 5 year old phone!). I will be trying it out for the next weeks and when I’m ready to make the big change (gmail>e.email, dropbox>e.files app) I’ll buy a nice compatible device and flash it.

Hope this helps for the newbies!

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I have also seen this error when this message pops up and yet the OS works if you reboot to system!
We are looking to fix these issues in TWRP and have a customized version for /e/ users …it is one of our open projects
In the meanwhile we will try to get more instances of such errors added to the wiki to help users complete the setup process.
Thanks for pointing this error in the documentation.

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