[HOWTO] Tor-browser on /e/



To install Tor-browser in Android Orbot is needed, can be found here:
After that install Tor-browser:

Do not install Orfox from F-Droid, it is the old version of Tor for Android.

An issue you can experience due to some apps from F-Droid (and maybe from Play store too?) that cause Orbot to crash is loss of connection.


Ardvark Twist

Android can’t connect after Orbot crash

orbot, transparent-proxy

asked by Ardvark Twist on 12:22AM - 10 Jul 14 UTC

It is not Android, not /e/, not the build of version 0.2 Oreo, and not version 0.5, but some apps in F-Droid can cause Orbot to crash and after that the WiFi is blocked!
The solution for this is to reboot in recovery > Wipe > Advanced Wipe, select Dalvik/ART Cache and Cache > Swipe to Wipe > Reboot System, and you are done, connection is restored.


Orbot and Tor-browser are both available from F-Droid. Are you saying that the versions in F-Droid are not the latest?


Orbot will ask to install Orfox, the version available in F-Droid, which is older as the official Tor-browser for Android that is based on Orfox


Oh I see. Well I installed Orbot & Tor-Browser without Orfox via F-Droid and all is working. I’d suggest people do the same as it’s more convenient than directly downloading the apk files and you get automatic updates. But as you say, Orfox need no longer be installed if Tor-Browser is being used.