Huawei chooses Qwant

Traduction in english of the Qwant’s press release :

Huawei chooses Qwant

Huawei joins forces with Qwant, which will be the search engine for the HUAWEI P40 series in France, Germany and Italy.

Paris, March 26, 2020 - Huawei, the global technology leader, and Qwant, the European search engine that respects the privacy of its users, today announced a groundbreaking consumer partnership to offer their users the best of mobile technology combined with an online information search technology that respects personal data.

A technological partnership for the protection and security of personal data at the service of European users

Available from 21 April 2020 in France, the various models of the HUAWEI P40 series will be delivered with the Qwant application pre-installed by default. Qwant will also be the default search engine for Huawei Search on the mobile browser integrated in the HUAWEI P40. This configuration will be offered Europe-wide in a market of 220 million consumers in France, Germany and Italy. Qwant will also be the default search engine for Huawei Search on the HUAWEI P40 mobile browser in France.

The ambition of this partnership is to offer European users an experience combining the best level of security offered by a smartphone in 2020 from a hardware as well as a software point of view with the best possible level of personal data protection for search engines.

The new HUAWEI P40 series is positioned as one of the most secure smartphone ranges in the world thanks to multiple levels of user data encryption based on
Artificial intelligence to protect the most sensitive data directly at the Kirin 990 processor: "With such a high level of data security requirements on the new HUAWEI P40 series, it was important for us to be able to guarantee the same level of security to our customers when it comes to their internet research data. Qwant is the best partner we can choose in terms of a search engine that respects the privacy of our users," says Alex Huang, Managing Director, Huawei Consumer BG France.

Qwant, Europe’s leading privacy-by-design search engine, thus confirms that it represents an ethical alternative of choice for a web that respects Internet users and the digital ecosystem. Based in France, it is developing its own indexing and ranking capabilities, in order to eventually offer Europe’s first fully sovereign search engine technology.

An acceleration of Qwant’s “mobile first” strategy

With an audience of nearly 5 million unique visitors per month in France*, Qwant continues to demonstrate through its growing popularity a real awareness among Internet users about the protection of their personal data and the existence of alternative search engines that meet their needs. The increase in audience of more than 20% compared to last year is also reflected on mobile phones, with already 1.9 million unique visitors on smartphones*. The unprecedented partnership between Qwant and Huawei will make it easier for many users to adopt the search engine of their choice in their mobile search habits, with a “privacy first” experience that meets their privacy expectations.

On all models of the HUAWEI P40 range sold in France, Italy and Germany, Qwant will be integrated as the default search engine accessible from the quick search widget, or available directly via the pre-installed Qwant application. This application, derived from Mozilla’s free and open-source browser, also offers anti-tracking protection activated by default when browsing the Web. It will also be available for download in the Huawei App Gallery.

Jean-Claude Ghinozzi, Chairman and CEO of Qwant, added: "Huawei is a global brand and a great technology company that everyone knows. For Qwant, this is therefore a very important and commercially very structuring consumer partnership. By being chosen as the preferred search engine in HUAWEI P40 smartphones, we at Qwant are proud and happy to share with the largest number of European consumers our unique search engine that does not collect your personal data and respects your privacy".

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Not bad. Huawei is really trying to get back in the game.

I would like to own a Huawei Pro phone for the camera some day. But sadly the bad software sucks.


If they had really tried, first of all they would have relaunched their bootloader unlock service. I still regret that I didn’t buy P20 Pro on time, because it was their latest flagship with third-party ROMs support.

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They would soon consider it as well or have to quit the market and be a lost cause. Consumer is the new winner again, finally! Thanks to the plethora of Chinese brands.