Huawei P8 lite (2015)

Hi, I would like to request a port of the OS for this device. It would be amazing to have more eyes on it, since currently there’s a single developer working on this phone over on the XDA forums. He’s still providing Lineage OS 14.1 updates to this day and he was working on a port for Lineage OS 15, but I think he kinda let it go.

For those who say that the device’s bootloader cannot be unlocked, well, some of use do have it unlocked, and even if you don’t, you can still unlock it today (with more hoops than usual) for free, or paying if you want to skip a few hoops. I personally made a guide on how to do this here and to this day people are still using it and having success with it. Please do consider a port, it would be amazing to de-Google my life with this amazing OS.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

I think the best solution would be to build it for your own. You have sources and a pc with 250 gb free space? Let’s go, start a build

Funny you say that because my PC broke and I’m using a 1999 era PC with a 40GB drive and a really slow 32-bit CPU with 1GB of DDR RAM, because I live in a shithole and can’t buy a new one. So no, I don’t have the needed stuff to make a port myself, nor the required knowledge. Now, may I ask you, why you come to a post asking for support on a device that is posted on a section made for that exclusevely to throw shit at me for asking?

Hi, welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

You are quite excessive, there was nothing nasty in Harvey’s post. He just suggested you what is the better way for you to have /e/ on this phone.

If unofficial sources exists, as you said, an unofficial build will come between now and 3 months.

I may have misinterpreted what he said, I apologize. I thought he was basically telling me to scram and do it myself.