I have a problem about the mail-in service

Something’s bothering me.

In order to make privacy accessible to as many people as possible, /e/ is multiplying the number of interesting initiatives one after the other.

One of them is the possibility of sending your smartphone to the /e/ team to have the OS installed in exchange for money.

And it’s on this last point that something bothers me: I heard that the price to pay for this service would be 50€!

I find it really unfortunate to have to pay this price just to get the OS installed :frowning: .

I think it would have been more appropriate to offer an aggressive price to encourage as many users as possible to switch to /e/OS.

What do you think of that?

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Sorry but I can’t see what the title has to do with the rest of the toppic.
Anyway, I believe that the same developers of /e/ are the ones flashing the devices for those who need/want it. If it’s 50€ or more, or less, what difference would it make?
I think I’m missing the point here, sorry.

It’s just a opinion. For me, the price is too high.

Edit : The “problem” of the mail-in service for me is the price exactly :grin:

Oh, now I got it :smile:
Well, I have some technical skills so I do it myself but if I was to make to someone else I’ll probably charge around the same ammount.
You think a smaller price would make the effect to increase the number of users of /e/? I’m not sure but it’s a taught to consider.
Maybe someone else can share some other ideas.

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There’s a big difference between having a custom ROM flashed by a private person or by a company like /e/.

The difference is the legal liability issue and legal warranty. These risks must be included in the calculation in the “/e/ mail-in service”. Also the return with a logistics service provider costs extra money.

/e/ must not make a financial loss, otherwise the overall objective cannot be achieved.


So at half that price, they’d have hundreds of thousands of people sending their phones?

I doubt it. And if it happened, they would be in serious trouble. E Foundation is not Uber, that can lose money on every ride.

I think the price is right.

As I said, I would charge the 50€ as a private person.
As a company, thinking about your arguments and @archie 's, to which I agree 100%, I would charge even more. :smile:

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How long will it take for the whole process ?

  1. Unboxing
  2. Hardware check for issues and document them
  3. Flashing
  4. Testing
  5. Packing
  6. Shipping

I think this will need a hour. 50 euro - packing material / shipping = 40 Euro. Minus taxes, room costs, insurance = 30 Euro.
So what’s the hourly rate on your plumber or electrician?

More than 30 Euro, or ???

Of course it makes a “felt” difference for the consumer whether he should pay for installing /e/ for a Samsung S5 or a Samsung S9. The material value of the devices is clearly different.

The work for flashing /e/ and returning it is almost the same for both devices.

@lcsbr_brnk , do you have a real device that you would like to switch to /e/?

Actually I hope this mail-in service is just temporary and/or will just be a “last chance” way to have /e/, because if someone needs this mail-in service, it would mean the /e/ foundation has failed to provide his software easily for everyone.

With the flash tool the /e/ foundation want to release early 2020, I hope everyone will be able to flash their phone with a single “Install /e/” big green button. If this goal is reached, a mail-in service won’t be needed.

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I think the most difficult thing will be the bootloader. People which are using the mail.in service won’t have unlocked to bootloader, for what reason ever.
If e.foundation has to do this before flashing the whole process needs a lot more resources/time.

And that will be the no go for the big green.button.:wink:

No. I dont need to install /e/ in a smartphone :blush:

So this was only for making a bad statement ? Ok. Good to know

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That’s a pity. I just wanted to discuss something and I feel like I said something wrong :frowning:

If you have some time left and want start a discussion, why don’t start one about the great work of the dev’s or the beautiful bliss launcher, or the nice self hosted nextcloud feature ?

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Hum… Yes. Why not :man_shrugging:t2:

I have an idea: why not discuss and propose three potential new names for /e/?

Why not go to the pub and have a beer or three?


Well, where do you live? @dotcoma

You mean the price varies depending on the smartphone you want to send?