I have problem with lockscreen pattern

When try to unlock my phone it giving me 3x3 sized pattern lock. But I set it to be 6x6, so I can’t unlock phone unless I reboot it. Please help!

Which phone? Which version of /e/OS?


I believe Android 10 (/e/OS Q, LineageOS 17.1) only supports 3x3 pattern. How did you set the 6x6 pattern?

And I was wrong :slight_smile:

It is supported in options. I used 6x6 long before this happened. I tried to change pattern for workprofile, and got this bug.

I know password for my device, but I can’t unlock it unless I reboot it.

I didn’t know that - thanks for the tip.

Sorry - I can;t help then - I don’t use profiles

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