I Tried to Live Without the Tech Giants. It Was Impossible

I was considering myself a person with strong opininions on privacy.

I now realize that I’m considered a digital vegan instead !!


Methinks it is wrong to say digital vegan because it implies that using no Amazon, Google, … is like eating no meat or beeing on a specific diet. Same applies that leaving a network is like beeing vegan. Just compare the usage of weechat in China (dominat) vs. Europe/USA (negletable). Or look at IT history. Yahoo and EBay once giants but nowadays? Remember the other social network (not Google+) that once was big? Facebook is getting old by means of the average age of their users. There was no strict inforcement of the GDPR in the past and European companies are nowhere to see at the moment.
Admidetly, it will take some time and right now the big players are influential but time will tell how influential they remain.

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Thanks for sharing.

Big five had perfectly understood the T.I.N.A. philosophy and play ‘Monopoly’ since decades. Are we ‘Digital vegans’ ? Not really, using PC and phone, but ‘résistants’ for sure !


Talking/educating about it is in one thing we can do. The fine people from the FOSS community do a great service to society. Kinda ironic. FB, Google, …are build on FOSS.

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T.I.N.A. ? Could you be please so kind to explain? I was not able to find the meaning by myself

Something else that just occurs to me. Trump et al. consider to restrict TikTok legally and Microsoft is considering to by it. The line of argumentation is interesting. ‘‘We do not know what China is doing with the data’’ (buisness interests play a role too). Well …

Thanks for the link, that is the T.I.N.A. I’d referred above.

I’m happy to have realized all of this at the beginning of my life, it’s much easier to move to Privacy World (it took me only 1 year to cut every aspect of tracking).


Same here. Since I was 16 or so I began to leave using WhatsApp, Google search, Twitter, Microsoft… now, almost four years later, I don’t almost use any explicit service

It’s hard at beginning, as you lose lot of virtual “social” relations sometimes, but I prefer it!



Off topic (?), while ticking on the link, I saw:

Save your datas and stay independent without G.F.A. :wink:

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Oh, I was able to read the entire article without any login (but didn’t check the links).

Yes, also here. I can read the article, but not the links

Don’t worry, perhaps it’s a ‘joke’ from TrackerControl… And the ‘Continue with…’ buttons are perfect with the title of the thread :wink:

The problem is sometimes that you do not even realize that you are PART of GAFAM. Let’s say you decide to quit using Chrome/Chromium and switch to Firefox. What happens? Mozilla Firefox is using Amazon servers for serveral internal services. Your browser is permanently connected to Amazon! No joke, you can check it on the about:networking page and the IPs on the Sockets there. What is Signal messenger using? Also Amazon servers. Even Google Maps API.

Otherwise, even considering these issues, it’s perfectly possible to live without GAFAM and still use everything the internet offers. There are a few things we cannot avoid like that horrible Google reCaptcha, Google being part of CSS on websites or having connections to googlevideo while using NewPipe or the invidious frontend. Here are good Google alternatives. Apple is not that hard to avoid (don’t even start in that walled garden), Facebook is similar but one has to be careful with their trackers on websites (and if you have an account, use the Firefox Container or apps like FaceSlim). Amazon has many cloud servers around, apart from that it’s possible to use other online shops. Microsoft is horrible on many levels. Quit Windows, GitHub and Co. and that was it. The Gizmodo article is good as it describes why it’s a bit hard for average users to quit GAFAM and why they like to be there. If someone uses those services in a brainless way, everything just feels much more easy and simply works.

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I thought exactly the same ! Straightforward irony

Thanks for sharing this knowledge.

I reminds me the Prof. Zuboff’s words about the double reading (badly translated from italian).

1st face of the medal, what GAFAM show you, WYS
You think you are talking with friends on social networks

They are gathering informations about you and them

1st) you think are safer with firefox
2nd) you are not

Thanks again

Just for fun, with Icecat:

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