Immuni - Italian Covid-19 tracking app

I’ve just installed the App “Immuni”, i.e. the officilal italian goverment app for covid exposure notification. The app doesn’t work because of “google services are not updated”…

I know this is a duplicate of a closed thread

Still I’d like to point out a contraddiction:
on the official /e/ store this app not only is available but it is also rated as 8/10 privacy level.

And actually the review of that app are good in that sense.
So what’s the point on ‘blocking’ the app?
Are there technical problem with /e/ ecosystem? So why have it in the app store?


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The issue is the ‘old’ MicroG version. has to use the latest MicroG version like I do in my eOS-Q-GSI. Than your tracking app should work

…otherwise Paolo, you have to manually remove all the installed microg components (the apk to be clear) via TWRP, and then install yourself via fdroid (adding of course the microg repository) the new version that should be the 2.12, that is the one that works with covid apps

this will often get alot forced closed

which device ?? Are you able to flash a GSI ? Than you can use my eOS-Q-GSI with latest MicroG version

I use a Motorola G7 Plus unofficial build: one of you guy did the work for me…

mhm, normally this Q-GSI with tracking api in microG should work on your device

Immuni - Italian Covid-19 tracking app

Version of 17.09.2020 is the official exposure notification app of the Italian government.

I’ve tested this app on the rapid on a Galaxy A3 2017 ‘A320FL’ with @harvey186’s /e/ OS ROM Q-GSI with microG Services Core version It looks like the app works with microG Services Core version

Immuni - Kopie

To this must be said: I’m neither Italian nor located in Italy, but I was still able to install the app from the Aurora Store (from F-Droid Store). I had to take pictures with a separate camera because the screenshot with the A3 2017 was not allowed.

Am I supposed to flash a Generic Image on my device? That means no costumizzation for may phone, right? It’s not clear what I’m gonna loose , in order to get that app working…


Here you can find some information about flashing GSI.

You will loose nothing but you win something.

thank you very much!

few questions:

  • thay say “but please be sure you are using the stock boot/ramdisk before proceeding”: does it mean that I cannot use my current /e/ installed build to proceed?

  • I’m supposed to flash ‘system’ partition: so my data and installed non system app will be available afterward, right?

  • what is the best way to install: with or without TWRP?

  • I’m gonna receive regular system updates?



Yes, if you are using the existing vendor partition, you can get issues.

No. You have to FORMAT /data. This means, all your pics, downloads etc will be gone

I’m using the GSI on my daily driver.That means, I will build the GSI from time to time for my own and share it.

mhm. So I should:

  • backup my data
  • re-flash Stock Rom
  • install GSI
  • restore my data
  • re-flash from time to time.

That’s really a big deal! Thank you anyway.

#11 « I’m gonna receive regular system updates? »

I like to hear that! So with your Q-GSI /e/ROM I will test more, especially those that are not officially Treble Project ready. How can I show my appreciation which is also accepted by you?

no, the Q-data is different to pie data. You have to add all new. By the way, a backup is always a good choice, because eOS is still an beta and you can loose all you data if something went wrong with OTA updated (we have it some weeks ago)

After first change to q-GSI you can update system.img as often as you want/need without loosing data til my R GSI will be available. But that will need some month

If you are talking about me, it’S OK. If I can read that you and other users are happy with me work, that’s enough for me :))


How could I restore my data? I mean installed app, accounts settings ecc.

It’s noto clear to me wether is necessary to restore the stoke ROM or not befere trying to flash GSI, sorry…

going back to stock rom is only needed if your actual android version is NOT Android 10 (Q)

Sorry, as I have written before: the /data structure on Q-GSI is different to Android 9. That’s why you can’t restore your data. If you want use the Q-GSI (or any Q_ROM) you will loose all your data and you have to start over with all apps, settings, etc.

My actual /e/ build is based on android 9, so…

…even if the original stock ROM is android 9?

no “migration” tool out there?

Right. …