Import sim card contacts

Hi i’m very New in e. I’m having the Problem that my sim card contacts cannot be imported to my phone not to my e account. I’m sure that these contacts exist. I also tried to upload one of my contacts from signal into my sim card and it failed. " sim contact could not be loaded" For some reason it cannot reach my contacts. Dies anyone habe any experience with this issue?
Galaxy s7 e9 version

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Hi, welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

/e/ (and LineageOS) don’t support SIM card contact.

Sure ?

I could import 232 contacts from SIM (santoni, 0.10 Pie) :


I saw this information somewhere, I will try to refind it. But nice if it’s possible then.

Sorry, after a quick checking (e-0.9-n)

Hi! Thank you! I’ve Seen and tried this Option but for some reason it cannot access my sim contacts. Any clue why?


Perhaps you can try with Dumbphone Assistant:

Dumbphone Assistant (Copy contacts to SIM card and back) -

Worked fine for me (e-0.7-n, before update).