Impossible to install opentasks


I have installed /e/ on my LG G5 but I cannot install Opentasks on it. reason conflict packages.
Any hint ?
Thanks in advance.

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yes, because the ‘task’ app in eOS is opentask

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Thanks for reply.
The problem is that it doesn’t work with Etar and Davx. When I install Etar it asks me for opentasks.

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the build in calendar IS Etar !!!
And the DAVx5 is also default in eOS.

So I don’t know what do you want to do ? Pls explain, so I see how I can help

The problem is that when I try to connect to my cloud (nextcloud) so sync my calendars and contacts, it simply doesn’t work. No message. I have for the moment installed LineageOs 14.1 everything works except NFC, that is why I want to go back to /e/.
Thanks for reply, I shall try again.

In eOS you should use under ‘settings’ / ‘accounts’ ‘WebDav’ (that’s Davx5) to setup your Nextcloud account.

And one word regarding NFC. Be happy that it isn’t working, because every (good) hacker could catch the transmitted data :wink:

Ok. Thanks for help and wise advice.

Hello there @PatrickZ @harvey186

Some concerns addressed by other applications.
OpenTasks is a dependency of etesync on Android, to mitigate current problem of calendar and tasks not being encrypted and stored in plain text in database, which never were addressed by NextCloud. Its nice and all to have our encrypted emails in /e/ account, but having to store calendar and events in clear is a total no go for most of us when we think about it.

So EteSync is an awesome project for that, open source but not free as in free beer. Good enough for my use case while not perfect since it complicates workflow and not so nice to setup on desktop.

Problem here is that its impossible to install on /e/, resulting in an “error -112”
How to circumvent that? I was able to use OpenTasks before. not anymore?

Edit: Which is weird at first sight since application is supposed to be a fork of opentasks so there shouldn’t be any conflict at all and where EteSync should see opentasks as being opentasks and play fair with it. Opening issue.

Edit: can’t open issue. @rhunault?

So, the NC main app not finding davx5 from its settings is just normal behavior then?


can’t open issue. @rhunault?


Which doesn’t recognize OpenTask and proposes to install it

Then when trying to install:

Yes, that’s because the default task app is opentasks.

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@harvey186: Nice dodging of the actual problem. Opened ticket here so you can both collaborate if goal is to have tasks and calendar content encrypted on nextcloud (which doesn’t provide that feature), else that data is in clear text as of right now and could leak from backups or any other leakage.

If you want install it be your own, you have to remove the existing default task app via twrp file manager or adb. It’s located under /system/priv-apps


If you want install it be your own, you have to remove the existing default task app via twrp file manager or adb. It’s located under /system/priv-apps

That won’t survive current full system OTA upgrades and is not a sustainable solution, unless [FEATURE PROPOSAL] OTA delta upgrades becomes active.

Even though delta OTA enforced, next pushed update of /e/'s opentask would probably cause the same problem, but inversely from what I understand of the current conflict and is not advisable as a mitigation for the exposed problem.

@rhunault? @harvey186: how do I open an issue for /e/ opentask? Is that considered a bug for EteSync?

You can raise issues here

Yes, your are right. My suggestion was more a workaround til a better solution is available.

@harvey186 Proposed solution here makes sense or collaboration here to fix it in etesync:

Thanks to collaborate in fixing this.