Inaccurate GPS data (tracking)

Hi guys,

I am running /e/OS 0.23 (Android 9) on my Fairphone 3 and I do a lot of GPS tracking when I go hiking.

In the last few months I recognized, that the tracked GPS data is pretty inaccurate - especially the alltitude differences (two or even three times more than in reality!)

When I take a closer look on the map (I use Osmand), I noticed, that the tracked GPS points aren’t on the route I walked (screenshot enclosed), but a few meters next to it.

My guess is that the recording of the GPS data is too inaccurate, but haven’t got an idea, why. I always activated the “high precision” GPS mode.

I also tried other apps, but the result was always the same. Far too many vertical meters at the end of the trip…

Does anybody has an idea how to solve this problem?

Best regards,