Include an app's version history and details in App Lounge

There are apps I use frequently that I like to see what the new features are that have been added from the lastest app update. Please include an app’s version history with details/description of each versions updates. Thank you!


Yes yes yes !! I’d like to have it.
I’d like to put up on the top of topics.

Most of the time i see in the notification that there are n update to be applicated.
I’ve no idea of which one are to be done.
They’ve be done automatically. And i’ve no idea about which one, it’s a little bit embarrassing.

The most annoying for me is that sometimes, I’m waiting for a specific version of a specific app, because of specific (new or defect, updated) functionalities.
And then I miss the update event to test it.
Sometimes happened that the interesting one promised don’t appears first, and some other versions poped out in between.

Thus it would be great to have the update history of each apps, maybe the last 5 ones or in last 1 or 2 months.
And would be great to have the names of the apps which need to be updated in the notification.
Because I don’t know what is the gain to get the information “there is n app which need to be updated” if it’s done automatically.
As small improvement would be the names of the apps too.

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I would like to add that seeing the most recent versions, and being able to pick a specific version would be very useful as I’ve had issues where multiple versions should be available, but the App Lounge will pick the incorrect one, for example a build made for a TV, or no option to select an Alpha build where the stable version is for a much older version of Android. With this feature, being able to ignore an update to a specific version (ie “ignore this update but let me know when there’s a new version”) would be invaluable. For now I’m having to install some things via F-Droid to get the correct version.

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You can upvote this Gitlab issue :

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Upvotes needed!! I just did.
It normal standard to include just the recent changelog


I put a dime too. Upvote done


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