Input delay - ghost hand bug

Dear /e/ community,
I think since update 0.18, I have this weird bug that occurs occasionally, where my touch screen input is heavily delayed and then executes all at once not allowing any additional input. It appears like a ghost would start pressing random buttons on my phone preventing any other action. Not even rebooting the phone always works.
Has anyone else met this issues, it is a real nuissance? I do not know how to reproduce it, it appears to happen at arbitrary times for me. However, it often happens several times in a row, even after rebooting but then not at all for a couple of days.
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Edit: I use the FP3

Do you touch a broken screen with humid fingers ?

Is the device anomaly hot ?

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Unfortunately not. I would not mind, if some inputs do not get through but the phone seems to ‘press’ buttons on its own in rapid succession for minutes. Framing it as input delay was my own interpretation but I really have no idea. (Thank you though)
Edit: Its temperature is normal

I also have “ghost” input every now and then, i estimate 3 times a month. The phone has its own will :wink: I beleive more users experience this, not only with eOS see here

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Thanks for the link! I guess the solution for this spooky issue is to lift the display and clean/click a metallic connector, then. I hoped it would just be a small software issue :slight_smile:

I did clean the surface beneath the display - as was described in the link - and had no problems in the months to follow.

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