Install /e/ on top of LineageOS?


Is it possible to install /e/ on top of a bare (no opengapps) lineageOs base?
For phones that have a lineageos image but no /e/ image.
(In my case Huawei Y560-L01 (8G flash, 1G ram, sdcard) [1])

I know that partly it would involve installing a set of default apps. E.g. by sideloading F-droid and going from there.

But are there other necessary modifications to the system install etc?



No, you will get a booloop or fc’s when boot finish

How will installing apps create a bootloop?

You have ask for installing e-OS on top of lineageOS.
e is a OS not an app.

Flashing a different custom rom you ALWAYS MUST wipe system, davlik/cache AND data !

Thanks Harvey. I’m not talking about flashing /e/ on top of lineageos. My point is that there is no /e/ image for my phone. If there was, I would just flash it as you say.
So I’m asking about how to get an ‘e-like’ experience on a lineageos base. I.e. by installing certain apps like microg etc.
Additionally asking about how /e/ system is customised to make it different from lineageos, things that can’t be done by installing apps?
For instance, how to use ecloud for calendar and contacts and system backup…

To put it another way: From a standard LineageOS v14 (Android 7), what is added and taken away to make /e/ os?

The difference between e and LOS is done on OS not on apps. The apps the same yoy can get on f-droid.
Fir example Mail is K9, edrive is davx , maps is magicEarth and so on.
Only bliss launcher and apps store are apps.
Bliss you can download from f-droid. Only apos store is not available. But if yoy are using f-droid and Aurora you have the same result.
MicroG is also the same as in lineage.

But fon’t forget: the privacy festures you only have with e-OS installed, not with the apps.

If there is a official lineage for your device, have a look
There are unofficial builds for lineage devices

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Start here
If there is a build for your device then download and flash it.

After that go here and do whatever you can for your build/device.

Finally, as @harvey186 says, get Bliss from F-Droid for the look and feel then it’s pretty much about getting the apps.