Install on Samsung Note 10


has anyone installed e/OS on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 ?
I’m stuck on step 7 of Installing /e/ Recovery on your d1.

Unable to reboot into recovery.

I need help.


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Hi @Eriha, this d1 e-installation instruction is incomplete.

  1. Unplug the USB cable from your device.
  2. Manually reboot into recovery:
    ° With the device powered off,
  • 7.1. Turn off the device by pressing and holding the VOL-minus and POWER buttons for 8-10 seconds

  • 7.2. until the screen turns black, and - then immediately release the buttons to enter e-Recovery.

  • 7.3. Immediately switch to the VOL+plus and POWER button combination and hold them down simultaneously while the device is connected to a PC via a USB-C cable.

  • 7.4. IMPORTANT(!) Once in e-Recovery, immediately verify the e-Recovery installation by rebooting into e-Recovery > Reboot to recovery.

Now follow the Steps to install /e/OS from e-Recovery.


Hi @Gianna, thank you so much !
Actually, you’re right : the installation instruction is incomplete, your tips works fine.
Right now I’m discovering e/OS.

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