Installation Eelo - Fairphone 2



Hi, I’m contacting you because I bought a Fairphone 2 in order to install /e/ OS on it.

After reading carefully the description of the installation process (, I would like to ask you if you know someone or a company who can install me the OS because I’m not feeling confident to do it alone.

I’m living in Brussels.

Thanks you in advance,


I’m not aware of a company, but there are the Fairphone Angels, nice people all over Europe that help others with their Fairphone issues for free.
There is an angels community in Antwerp, you can contact them at antwerp[at] :slight_smile: :angel:


Thank you very much Paula.
I’m contacting them.


Si tu parles français tu peux lire le petit tuto d’installation que j’ai rédigé à l’aide d’autres utilisateurs :wink:


Ok merci beaucoup Pragmethik