Installation of /e/ on Fairphone 3 - Flash problems

Any advice with the following issue would be much appreciated:

I’m finding this error message when attempting to flash /e/ system:

C:\Users\Liam> fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot: error: cannot load ‘system.img’: No such file or directory

  • bootloader is unlocked and adb fastboot recognizes that the phone is in fastboot

If I can’t solve this problem does anyone know if this process will change to become ‘more automatic’?

Thanks again

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C:\Users\Liam> fastboot flash system system.img

This only works when you unzipped the install files to C:\Users\Liam
If you placed the files anywhere else, you need to cd to that directory first.


You need to put the /e/ files in the ADB’s folder. Otherwise fastboot can’t find them.

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I don’t see how that helps here.

I don’t think this is correct/sufficient.

The files need either be in the current directory where the fastboot command is executed. Or you can specify the full path to the files like fastboot flash system C:\temp\system.img (assuming they were placed in C:\temp for example; any directory would do).


Many thanks! @Ingo_FP_Angel I had to cd to that directory :slight_smile:

All installed and looks great so far!


I’m using xubuntu and when using ADB instead of cd to directory, I right click in side the the folder where the zip file is and open a terminal there that works for me, I’m just learning myself.

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