Installing /e/ on a simlocked Fairphone3+?

I intended to buy a Fairphone3+ with /e/ preinstalled here, but to my despair there is a shortage of devices and the date where I’ll absolutely need a phone and line is approaching fast.
Now, I see the phone operator I selected actually proposes phones, of which Fairphones3+, and being a new user for them the Fairphone3+ almost comes for free.
My question is : that Fairphone will obviously come with a lock on the operator.

→ will it be possible to install /e/ on such an operator-locked phone?

Thank you!!

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Have you asked them?

You have to unlock bootloader. If they lock it, you will have a Problem. That’s it…

Thank you Kisman!
I’m going to ask them, but a quick search in the related news shows that no, that operator (Orange) won’t allow unlocking the bootloader :frowning:

[edit] after a while I found that this lock possibility also relies on the phone manufacturer, and it seems Fairphone do allow unlocking, at least I read this on their own site.
Do you think this is enough to get the bootloader unlocked, and start installing /e/?

It is a 50:50 Chance :wink:

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