Installing e on NIB S7

I bought a brand new S7 “herolte” - is it necessary to activate the factory OS before installing e or can it be installed directly onto a fresh phone? I’m trying to avoid any unnecessary Google interactions on the new hardware before converting the phone.

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You can use any Android phone without any “activation”. There is also no need to contact the internet to use the S7.

/e/ supported are SM-G930F /FD /S /K /L W8. Other models are not supported

Nevertheless, you need to start Galaxy S7 to enable the developer options in the system settings, USB debugging and OEM unlock.

Please read /e/ documentation Install /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S7 - “herolte” Requirements and Preparing for installation.

Thank you! This is my first android phone experience, /e/ installed smoothly and is up and running. Fantastic. Looking forward to exploring the ecosystem and moving off the iPhone for good. Many thanks and kudos to the entire /e/ team for your hard work & dedication.

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Tim Cook won’t like to hear this, but the /e/ community will certainly be pleased that you’re a part of the /e/volution. Welcome to the /e/ club, @Russ.

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