Integrate /e/Calendar into Thunderbird

Trying to figure out how I can integrate the ecloud calendar into Thunderbird (w/ Lightening). Any ideas? I see a similar post on in the French section with no response.

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Haven’t figured out Thunderbird, but did figure out how to integrate it into Gnome calendars.
In Settings go to Online Accounts and use the Nextcloud option.
For server you have to type in: davs://
Then use your address and password!

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OMG, the solution of course is so simple.


GoolagTube link :scream::scream::scream:
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in case anybody else lands here, you can just follow the official Nextcloud documentation here (you’ll need to install 2 Thunderbird addons). Important: when setting up your account using TBSync, choose “automatic configuration”, and then provide your ecloud email in the Username field (should look like, and leave the Server URL blank. TBSync will automatically retrieve ecloud’s server url and connect your account.

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