Interested newbie

Am I correct in assuming the option to send my phone to have /e/ OS installed only applies to the already supported phones. I have a Samsung J4. When will this option become available and at what cost? Depending on the answer I might consider buying a phone from

I am not particularly tech savvy, but willing to learn, eg I enjoy using and learning about Linux OS which I use on my laptop. And I am very keen on supporting privacy-based computer solutions as I believe internet and communication technology should be available for individual benefit and not exploited by commercial interests which harvest personal data solely to make money.

Hi @steveredshaw the send your phone-by-post program has not started as yet. Do not have an ETA for it. Once started we expect it to have more phone options that the few that we sell as refurbished. Not able to give any commitments on which models right now.

Hello @steveredshaw, as you probably know, there are several models of the Samsung J4.

/e/ OS is not available for the Galaxy J4 series.

Is your device a Samsung J4 SM-J400F or Samsung Galaxy J4+ SM-J415F … or …?